About Us

What About Us

Customer Service

Our yardstick in our services is how well we have served our customers. Our aim is to keep improving our services based on global standards and feedback from our guests.

Returning Guests

Nothing is more delightful to us than a guest that keeps coming back to avail our services. Returning guests is a big part of our success milestones.

Referred Guests

A happy guest can be a major factor in our success. Other than returning guests, it is also delightful whenever we receive guests saying they were referred by their friend.

Story About US

Rema Tourist Inn is situated in the middle of the town just few minutes away from the airport. An ideal home for tourists where you can find peace yet still close to the town area. This home is also an ideal place to stay if you are travelling on a budget, big group or simply if you are planning to experience Puerto Princesa.

Rema is the reversed name of the owner, Mr. Amer Abagat. He made Rema Tourist Inn to offer high class services, facilities and amenities at a low price. He also wanted to provide excellent service, comfortable stay and memorable experiences to all guests in every aspect of their stay. Thus, we offer you Rema Tourist Inn.

Facilities and Amenities
Convenience and Experience
Customer Service

We are Newly Opened Accommodation, Located at the lovely area of Puerto Princesa Town Proper, About 5-10 minutes away from the City’s main attraction, and is fully accessible by the City’s public transportation. Rema Tourist Inn is not just a typical Inn, but more likely a high class facilities and amenities in a low costs. It’s modern classic design but in natural ambiance makes your guest comfortable, feels at home and enjoyable during their stay with us. We assure you that we will accommodate your guest in a highly way of service.